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Sightseeing guide for the surrounding area 

(travel time required by car)
Business hours (9:00-17:30)

In the grandeur of nature throughout the four seasons, cows and sheep are grazed in Japan's largest private comprehensive ranch, Koiwai Makiba Park. You can enjoy milking cows, interacting with sheep, and horse riding. The Iwate Snow Festival, held in winter, brings a variety of large and small snow sculptures to the silver world. In addition, there is a dairy factory where you can see the process of making milk and butter, a sales exhibition of prefectural woodworking, and acorn rolling.

Morioka Handicraft Village 

(20 minutes away)

You can see the craftsmanship of Nanbu Ironware and others. There are also handmade experience classes.


Ari Neyamanso (3 minutes),

Amihari Onsen (3 minutes),

Oyama no Yu (10 minutes),

Tsunagi Onsen (30 minutes),

Uguisu-yado Onsen (40 minutes),

Nyuto Onsen-kyo (100 minutes),

Hachimantai Onsen-kyo (60 minutes)

Other Sightseeing Area

Lake Tazawa (1 hour), Kakunodate (1 hour 20 minutes),

Hiraizumi (1 hour 30 minutes),

Hachimantai (1 hour 30 minutes),

Ryusendo Cave (2 hours),

Lake Towada (2 hours 30 minutes),

Sanriku Coast (3 hours)

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