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Welcome to the homepage of Amihari Lodge

A base for climbing Mount Iwate, visiting Koiwai Farm Makiba Park,
and skiing at Amihari Ski Resort, Iwate Highland Snow Park, and Shizukuishi Ski Resort!



The warmth of yesteryears is still retained in our lodge, thanks to the use of large 2-meter beams from the now-rare Nanbu Magariya-style buildings. We offer hospitality with home-cooked meals that will ease your tension. Our lodge is located at the foot of Mount Iwate, attracting many climbers. Please feel free to discuss with us about the courses to nearby mountains as well. After descending the mountain, how about refreshing yourself in a nearby hot spring, and then spending some quiet, leisurely time at our lodge?

Kindly Reminder

There has been no snowfall since March, and I thought the scarcity of residual snow would lead to an early start to the summer mountain climbing season. However, to my surprise, the Amihari ski slope turned completely white on the 8th. Given the high temperatures, I think it will melt and disappear soon.

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